We are proud to present the first Workshop on Protocols and Mechanisms for a Low-Latency Internet (ProMeLLI). ProMeLLI is to be collocated with IFIP Networking 2017 in Stockholm, Sweden. The workshop will focus on cutting-edge work and results in the field of low-latency networks.

Latency in the Internet infrastructure is an increasing problem for many applications and services. Interactive services are disrupted for shorter or longer periods of time, and it becomes hard to deliver media services. Web services suffer from long delays per transaction which is frustrating for end users because of long waiting times and poor interactivity.

There is not a single cause behind increased latency, but rather a set of issues that all contribute to the end-to-end latency experienced by applications. The causes include large buffers in routers, switches and end-systems, congestion control algorithms that prioritise high throughput, contention for shared media, encoding algorithms for link reliability, long network paths resulting in high propagation delays, etc.

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